Testing Laboratory

We believe that for special jobs a group of tests needs to be done in advance to ensure that the different types of concrete that will be used at different stages of the job not only meet the specifications required by the project, but also ensure the ability to pump the concrete.

We therefore have an advanced system in which we test the different concretes to be used on the job together with our customers and concrete suppliers.

Our testing laboratories, with the most advanced technology available, can simulate any circumstance, both for horizontal and vertical distances, which may occur in the execution of our special pumping services, analysing and checking all the situations that may occur during pumping.

Our testing lab consists of:

• A static pump with the same characteristics as the one that will execute the project.

• Pipes with a length of 240 metres connected through 90° short-radius elbows and an inner diameter of 125 mm, giving a total virtual line development of 280 metres which can subsequently be extrapolated to any distance.

• In particular cases where the pumping is done under extreme conditions, the following are installed:

We test the concrete to be pumped before pumping to ensure the success of the service.