Gebomsa creates Gebomsa Innovations, “innovating in benefit of our customers”

01 | 10 | 2014

Gebomsa has created Gebomsa Innovations as an initiative for a comprehensive model of innovation. The aim of Gebomsa Innovations is to design, develop and implement technological innovations for the:

  • Simplification of customer-related processes, improving management for our customers and engaging with them in technological innovations.
  • Automation of internal processes to cut average execution times.
  • Search for operational excellence.

The first Gebomsa Innovations project to be launched will be the “Automatic Service Delivery Note Confirmation”, which gives concrete pumping operators a mobile device to plan their daily activities, fill out service delivery notes and jot down any incidents that occur.

The main benefits for the project’s customers are:

  • Real-time knowledge of pumping operations.
  • Invoice control with their concrete pumping supplier.
  • Simplification of their administration process.
  • Real-time information to improve our ability to respond to problems.
  • Records of all incidents that occur during service provision to be able to continue to improve the quality of our services.
  • Reduced use of paper as a commitment to the environment.
  • Fewer administrative errors with regards delivery notes.

“With Gebomsa Innovations, the company offers enhanced solutions to its customers’ needs, offering the market a value proposal based on innovation and development,” Gebomsa CEO Miguel D´Cotta said.

New innovation projects to be developed over the coming years include the creation of a customer web platform to request services, documentation management (machinery and other documents demanded by customers, invoices, tenders, etc.).

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