Miguel D’Cotta
CEO, Chief Executive Officer

Miguel D’Cotta has been the CEO of Gebomsa since 2010, after a 17-year career in CHEP with the listed Australian Brambles group.

Miguel D’Cotta was the Executive President of CHEP Europe (1.5bn USD sales, 3,500 employees) based in London, and has proven experience in industrial service business management and restructuring. As President of the European arm since 2005 and previously Senior Vice President of Operations & Asset Management from 2002 onwards, he led the restructuring and relaunching of CHEP Europe, as well as the entry into new international markets.

Previously he was the General Director of CHEP Italy in 1999, General Director of CHEP Portugal in 1994 and Chief of Logistics in CHEP Spain from 1991 onwards. Previously he worked as a Project Engineer at REE and CMV Plastics.

He is a graduate of Madrid’s ICAI School of Industrial Engineering, qualified in Finance from INSEAD, in Logistics from the Institute of Logistics and is Six Sigma Black Belt.


Javier Lozano
CFO, Chief Financial Officer

Javier Lozano has been the CFO of Gebomsa since April 2014 after a long professional career in the Financial Management of various multinational companies.

Before joining Gebomsa, Javier was the CFO at Arvato (a multinational industrial and multimedia company belonging to the Bertelsmann Group), establishing and developing its branch in Spain. Previously he worked as CFO at Primayor Foods in 2006.

From 2003 to 2005 he was CFO at the Shared Services Centre at CHEP, leading the creation of shared services centres in Europe and defining Best Practice Processes with savings of 50 FTEs.

Previous he worked as Spain and Portugal CFO at CHEP, and was in charge of the Finance Department at Man Truck & Bus and worked as a Senior Auditor at Deloitte.

Javier Lozano is a graduate in Economic Science from the Madrid Autonomous University and has an MBA from the Madrid Business Institute.


Jóse Carlos Rebanal
Director of Human Resources

José Carlos Rebanal has been the HR Director at Gebomsa since March 2012 after successfully working as the Chief of Labour Relations.

Previously José C. Rebanal was the HR Director from 2006 to 2011 at Grupo Prefabricados Castelo, and implemented a compensation system based on objectives, training and professional development plans and uniform policies for Labour Relations management. From 2005 to 2006 he occupied the same position at the Bertelsmann Group, focussing on negotiating new work conditions.

Previously he worked from 2001 to 2005 at Promek, an auxiliary automotive business as HR Director. Before this, he worked at companies such as Fiat Financiera, F.E.M. Egro and Orduña Lawyers.

José Carlos Rebanal is a Law graduate from the University of Deusto, with a Master in HR from the University of the Basque Country, and a Postgraduate in General Management from IESE (University of Navarre) and expert in Occupational Risk Prevention.