Gebomsa trains their mechanics with the latest market innovations

30 | 11 | 2011

The training course was held by concrete pumping experts from the world of and lasted more than two days. Prior to the implementation of the new process of preventive maintenance of machinery, Gebomsa ...

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Gebomsa creates a Quality Committee aiming for operational excellence

04 | 04 | 2011

The Spanish company will design and implement a quality management system to ensure the highest quality in the provision of their services. With this action, Gebomsa shows its commitment with its customers by ...

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Gebomsa obtained the renewal of its system on prevention of occupational risks by Audelco

28 | 03 | 2011

The company passed successfully the audits performed by Audelco, thus certifying the occupational risk prevention system. As a sign of its commitment to health and safety, Audelco audited various work centers of the ...

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Gebomsa launches its new corporate image

05 | 01 | 2011

After unifying all the Group's brands, Geboma launches a more innovative and market-featured image. As it unifies its brands Bedmar, Eurobombeos, Bombeos Plasencia, Bomforcart, Bonorsa and CBH as a group, Gebomsa launches its ...

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